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How exciting that you want to fence with LundsAFK! We can’t wait to see you in action!

To start fencing with us, we need to register you in the system (even if you only want to try fencing) so you will be insured during the training.

Your personal information will be stored in our membership register in connection with your registration. You can request information about the data saved about you at any time and, of course, also cancel your supporting membership. If so, please email us at, and we will assist you.

Follow these simple steps:

1. Read our Code of Conduct. Read here. By applying for membership in LundsAFK you accept our Code of Conduct.

2. Fill in the form below, check the information is correct and submit the form.

If you plan to try fencing first you do need to pay anything. First training is free. If you decide to become a fencer with LundsAFK, please follow step 3.

3. Pay the fee to Bankgiro 5977-4596.

Membership fee: 200 kr per a calendar year

Training fee: 1000 kr per semester

Done! Your application has now been submitted and will be accepted as soon as our administrators approve it.

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