Our Coach and Leadership Philosophy

In order to create an environment where everyone is given the opportunity to develop and reach as far as possible based on their conditions and goals, our coach works based on a transformative approach:

– Applies holistic approach to the person – an individual-centered leadership;

– Provides intellectual stimulation by encouraging the practitioner to find solutions to challenges in their fencing;

– Is a positive role model;

– Shows that we believe in the individual by involving them in their own training and provides genuine and detailed positive feedback.

Michael Erenius – Lund University Fencing Master

He started fencing as a ten-year-old in Lund in 1975 and has been faithful to fencing ever since. Already in 1984, he started as a coach and is as active today as then.
He started his education as a coach early to develop himself and his training. In 1994, he completed the training that the Swedish Fencing Association offered, and he was examined as level 3 in foil and epee.

He then continued his education within the international system via the Academie d’Armes Internationale (AAI). In 1995 he finished as Moniteur d’armes (assistant fencing teacher) on all three weapons. In 2000 he was examined as a Prévôt d´armes (Fencing teacher) in all weapons and finally, in 2008, as a Maître du Fleuret (Fencing Master of Foil). Since then, he has continued to further his education, including through distance courses in sports at various international universities.

In June 2010, Lund University decided to appoint him Fencing Master of Lunds University, the 19th since the University was founded in 1666.
At the sports festival in Lund in 2017, he received the award as the Sports Enthusiast of the Year for his many years of efforts in fencing in Lund, which has made an impression on Swedish fencing. As a coach, he is known for individualizing training and supporting his fencers based on their goals and conditions.
His fencers have also achieved competitive success, with over 40 medals at Swedish and Nordic championships. As a coach, he has developed fencers who have represented Sweden at Junior World Championships, World Championships and the Universiade.
During the pandemic, he also started coaching online to support foreign clubs, coaches and fencers.
Throughout his professional life, he has also worked with schools and education, first as a high school teacher and later as an official in state and municipal school administration.