Now you can easily support LundsAFK without extra cost for you when you book your hotel or shop for anything online. It only takes a few minutes of your time and an extra click and you can start making money for both yourself and LundsAFK.

The process is simple: register for free, and then shop through Sponsorhuset when making online purchases.

Or activate Sponsorhuset’s Add-on program Handla Smart on your computer. When this is done, you will receive a reminder every time you visit a store that gives money to both you and LundsAFK: Click here and get started: Install Handla Smart

Each click on a participating store generates a commission, which is shared between you and LundsAFK. When the earnings reach a minimum of 50 SEK, you can choose to donate the funds to LundsAFK or withdraw them to your own account.

Additionally, Sponsorhuset offers the opportunity to buy gift cards from well-known brands and earn cashback.

Learn how Sponsorhuset works and get a free Movie Ticket by completing their Bonus Stage here:


– Sponsorhuset has agreements with over 600 popular online stores.

– Every purchase from these gives money back to both the customer and LundsAFK. You share 50/50.

– Nothing gets more expensive for you as a customer.

– You can choose whether you want to donate his share of the money to the association, or have it paid out to your own account.

Examples of stores that are connected to Sponsorhuset are: CDON, Apotek Hjärtat, Elgiganten, Zalando, Stadium, ASICS Outlet, Svenska Spel Sport & Casino, Hotels.com

You can also choose to answer surveys such as through Norstatspanel, which brings in LundsAFK money for each completed form.

As a company!

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