Fencing is a western martial art which challenges both physically and mentally. It is a modern sport with an ancient pedigree.

Fencing is one of the few sports which has featured in every modern Olympic Games.

Modern sports fencing uses three different weapons – foil, épée and sabre (also saber). Each has its own distinctive techniques and styles. It is suitable for all ages and both men and women can enjoy it.

Fencing is a discipline which requires concentration and quick thinking and helps to develop mental as well as physical dexterity. Fencing is about speed, concentration, strength, fitness and coordination and most importantly – mental strength.

During 2-hours training, we do various exercises to strengthen the above-mentioned qualities.

Contact us if you want to try fencing with us!

Welcome to train with us during the 2023–2024 season!

Autumn Term 2023

Starts on Monday, August 28th – ends on Wednesday, December 27th., 2023

Spring Term 2024

Starts on Monday, January 8th – ends on Wednesday, May 22nd, 2024

Regular training hours:

Mondays and Wednesdays 19.00-21.00

Fågelhallen, Gässlingavägen 21 i Lund

LundsAFK is a small club, beginners train with experienced competitive fencers. If you have fenced before and want to start again, contact us at

Clothes and equipment

For the course, you need long track pants and light-soled non-slippery training shoes. We lend other equipment.

We need to prepare equipment so you can try it out when you arrive, so let us know in advance that via email to book a “try on” pass. Should you then want to start, you borrow equipment that you are responsible for.

If you have more questions, just get in touch.


We are a non-profit association, which means that we do not charge more in training fees than necessary. As an active member, you pay an annual membership fee and a semester fee for training. If you want to become a supporting member, you only pay the membership fee.

Training fee: 1000 kr/semester

Annual membership fee: 200 kr/Calendar year.

Bank details

All fees shall be paid to BG 5977-4596

For international payments: IBAN: SE37 8000 0831 3951 4171 7636  


Mark you payment with your name and period, e.x. ST 2024

As a fencer, you are insured

SvFF’s sports insurance is arranged via Folksam and covers all members of LundsAFK. Participants in “try fencing” are also covered by the insurance. The insurance covers accidental damage that occurs during training, competition and camps (also abroad and during travel to/from the activity) arranged by SvFF or LundsAFK. However, the insurance is not comprehensive. Read more on Folksam’s website (in Swedish) and on the Swedish Fencing Association’s website (in Swedish).

Remember that when you travel within the EU, you need to have your European health insurance card with you. You can easily order it on the Social Insurance Agency’s website

On the SvFF’s website it says, among other things: “Check that your private accident insurance is also valid abroad, that it entitles you to rehabilitation and that the disability compensation is high enough. It has also been shown that some insurance companies (e.g. Trygg-Hansa) can exclude accidents that occur during training or competition when the insured represents a sports association. Choose as a fencer a company that does not have this exception.”

LundsAFK partners with IKLINIK and Viklinik Vårdcentral in Lund and Malmö.

Our active fencers get a quick appointment for assessment and examination in Lund, Malmö or online.