About the Club

At LundsAFK we create the fencing club which brings value to people, community and our future. We do this by giving everyone the opportunity to develop within the fencing sport as far as possible according to personal ambition, ability and will.

LundsAFK was founded in 2022 in Lund, but we continue to build on a much longer and older tradition of fencing in the city. Read more about this in Fencing Master at Lund University“.

LundsAFK is also part of a much larger context, the Swedish sports movement, which today consists of more than 70 different Special Sport Confederations.

LundsAFK is a member of Swedish Sports Confederation (Riksidrottsförbundet), Swedish Fencing Federation (Svenska Fäktförbundet) and Swedish University Sports Federation (Sveriges Akademiska Idrottsförbund).